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Supplemental Security Income eligibility

Supplemental Security Income is an important financial assistance program for persons who have limited income and who suffer from blindness or disability. Understanding the difference between SSI criteria and ordinary Social Security criteria can help people qualify for SSI benefits.

Rule changes possible for those seeking SSI benefits

When disabled individuals over the age of 65 meet the financial requirements to get Supplemental Security Income in New Jersey, the benefits can help in myriad ways. SSI benefits are for those who are limited in their resources and income. It can be problematic for those who have more resources than the current rules state they can have if they want to get these benefits. This is true even if they meet the other criteria. Keeping track of potential changes to the law is important. When dealing with these concerns, an experienced Social Security disability attorney might be able to help.

SSI benefits, how much it pays and other possible services

Getting approved for Supplemental Security Income in New Jersey can be a relief to people who are blind, disabled, 65 or older and have limited income and resources. That relief can result in people failing to understand the full scope of the services they can receive. It is important to know what is available. Also, people should be cognizant that the amount the Social Security Administration pays in SSI benefits changes based on cost of living considerations. Therefore, it is wise to understand what the payment amount is currently and know how it might rise in the future.

Denied SSI claims have different aspects for reconsideration

When applying for Social Security disability benefits of any kind in New Jersey, there is a chance that the claim will be denied. There are levels of appeal for all claims including Supplemental Security Income. Since SSI benefits are for those who are blind, disabled, 65 and older and have financial limitations, there are many reasons why a claim might be denied. If the applicant believes the denial was a mistake, then he or she has the right to appeal. The first level of appeal is reconsideration. Understanding all the parts of reconsideration is a foundational aspect to having the decision changed to an approval. A law firm that understands how to appeal denied SSI claims can help.

Understanding how income is subtracted from SSI benefits

Since New Jersey residents must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, it is obviously imperative to know what those requirements are. The requirements include being blind or disabled, being 65 or older and being limited in income and resources. If the person's income or resources go beyond a certain level, then they cannot get SSI benefits. As people prepare to file their application, income is frequently forgotten even though it is one of the most important factors.

How does getting a loan affect SSI benefits?

Getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in New Jersey can be a relief to those who are disabled, blind and 65 and older with resource and income limitations. Still, getting the benefits will not automatically clear a person's financial worries so they no longer need to think about making ends meet. Part of life is unexpected expenses. If there are costs that must be paid and SSI-related benefits do not provide enough to cover them, it might be necessary to secure a loan. However, people are frequently frightened by how a loan will affect their SSI benefits. Understanding the law for this issue is imperative.

Can SSI benefits be suspended?

Being approved for Supplemental Security Income can be the equivalent of a sigh of relief for New Jersey residents. If they meet the income and resource limitation requirements, are blind, disabled and 65 or older, they are likely eligible for SSI. Even with that, there are often factors that prevent them from getting benefits. Being approved can take all the worries and fears out of the equation. That, however, does not mean the SSI benefits will continue indefinitely.

Can you still get SSI benefits if you work at an "SGA" level?

Not all New Jersey residents who are getting Supplemental Security Income are completely unable to work. Many will either work or want to work despite being blind, disabled, over 65 and meeting the other requirements to get SSI. There are, however, concerns as to how the Social Security Administration will view people who are earning income when the amount is at the substantial gainful activity, or "SGA," level. Under Section 1619(a) of the SSA's "Red Book," people who work can still get SSI benefits.

How does property I need to self-support impact SSI benefits?

Supplemental Security Income is for those who are limited in their income and resources and have a disability. While this might seem simple, there is also nuance and various rules that allow New Jersey applicants and recipients of SSI benefits to have resources they would otherwise not be able to have if it falls into a certain category. Being disabled, 65 or older or blind and having limited income and resources are the basic requirements for SSI. If, however, the counting of the resources is problematic, the person can have some of the resources excluded if they are needed for self-support.

SSI benefits and how limitations are classified

When seeking any kind of Social Security disability benefits, New Jersey residents will undoubtedly be aware that their functional limitations are key to getting an approval. For those who meet the requirements to get Supplemental Security Income of being 65 or older, having limited income or resources, being blind or disabled, it is also important to know how exertional and non-exertional limitations will impact their claim. For assistance with these complex matters, it is always a good idea to have legal assistance.

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