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“I understand the rigors of hard work and the grind of physical labor. Before and during college, I was a construction laborer working through the laborers’ local in Fort Lee. As a result, I understand what it is to work hard to feed your family. I also understand the devastating impact of injuries and disabilities on working families and have dedicated my practice to helping people obtain the disability benefits they deserve.” — Steven Gaechter.

Our firm is able to provide each and every client with the benefits of an experienced attorney who will work directly with them and who will personally handle their disability claim.

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Extensive Experience Handling ERISA And Social Security Disability Claims

As an attorney, Steven Gaechter has actively practiced law and engaged in trial work in the state of New Jersey for more than 25 years. He has represented plaintiffs in dozens of federal court cases challenging Social Security Disability denials and has considerable experience in litigating both long-term disability claims under ERISA and claims involving privately purchased long-term disability policies. In fact, in the past two years, he has fully litigated to conclusion and prevailed in three federal cases that resulted in reversals of long-term disability benefits denials under the full arbitrary and capricious ERISA standard of review, and he has recovered attorney’s fees on account of the plan administrator’s bad faith claims practices.

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Contact our office by calling 201-546-5758 for a free initial consultation. In most cases, our clients pay no legal fees unless we obtain benefits on their behalf. Se habla Español/Nós falamos o Português. The office is at a convenient Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, location. Evening, weekend and off-site appointments available.