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Conveniently located in downtown Hasbrouck Heights, our firm helps people in Bergen County and throughout northern New Jersey to obtain the disability benefits they deserve — either from employer-associated or privately purchased disability insurance policies, or from the Social Security Administration, and its SSD and SSI disability programs.

Even so, we are not the only law firm in this area that can help you with these issues. There are others and generally speaking, having choices is a good thing.

What Makes Our Firm A Good Choice?

  • Personal attention by an experienced advocate: At our firm, your case will not be passed off to an associate, a paralegal or a legal assistant. Instead, attorney Steven Gaechter will manage your claim himself and personally perform most, if not all, of the substantial work. In addition, you’ll be able to work with and talk to Mr. Gaechter directly — rather than communicating with him via email or phone messages, or via staff members.
  • Realistic assessments: We’re not here to sell you a bridge. We’re here to do our best to help you. Our primary goal is to get your benefits approved, get them reinstated or get the best possible settlement — and to do that as timely and cost-effectively as we can. If we think settlement is most appropriate and you agree — that’s what we’ll try to do. If not, you may choose to take the matter to trial. In either case, we’ll let you know what the legal issues and pitfalls are so that you can make that decision with confidence.
  • Extensive experience: As a lawyer, Steven Gaechter has been handling disability claims in northern New Jersey for more than 25 years. Included in that experience are over 100 hundred cases that he has personally taken to trial. As a result, Mr. Gaechter has gained valuable knowledge of and experience with a variety of disabling medical conditions and impairments as well.
  • A background in hard work: Attorney Steven Gaechter didn’t always wear a white collar. In fact, he comes from a family background steeped in a tradition of honest, hard work. His grandfather, a Swiss immigrant, worked as a union ironworker in New Jersey for over 50 years. His father and brother were both ironworkers who worked out of Local 483 in Paterson. Steven, himself, personally knows what it’s like to perform hard physical labor. Before and during college, he worked as a construction laborer in the Fort Lee area and after working his way through and graduating from law school — he dedicated his practice to representing injured workers and their families.

For a free initial consultation regarding an SSI disability claim, SSDI benefits or your coverage under a privately purchased disability insurance policy — call our Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, law offices directly at 201-546-5758, or complete the brief email form provided on our Contact Us page.

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