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What if I need a special examination for my SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Social Security Disability

For those in New Jersey who believe they have a medical issue that warrants Social Security disability benefits of any kind, the Disability Determination Services might request that there be a special examination to make certain of their decision. DDS makes the decision on behalf of the Social Security Administration. When they believe that more information is needed to make a fair decision, they will request that this special exam be taken and the SSA will pay for it. If there are travel expenses, the SSA will pay for that as well. The applicant can have their regular doctor get a copy of the test if it is not that doctor who conducts the exam.

When the applicant is informed that the special examination is needed, it must be taken and full cooperation must be provided. If an appointment is made and the person cannot keep it, the agency should be told immediately. Simply not going to the appointment will likely mean the decision will be made without the exam, which will probably result in a denial.

The medical professional who is giving the special exam or test will only do what the DDS asked. The doctor plays no role in the decision of disabled or not disabled. No treatment or medication will be provided. The report from this exam will be sent to the state agency. The state agency will conduct a review of the report and combine it with the other information from the case. The applicant will get a letter regarding the decision. Like a decision made without the special examination, the applicant has the right to appeal if there is a disagreement.

When asked to take a special examination, it does not mean that the application is going to be denied. It simply means that more information is needed before a decision can be made on whether SSD benefits should be approved or not. If there are questions or concerns about any issue with Social Security Disability, a legal professional can help.

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