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If I attend school and work, are my SSI benefits affected?

New Jersey residents who are receiving Supplemental Security Income will obviously meet the income requirements and have a qualifying disability. For those who are under age 22, however, they might want to attend school and work despite their illness, condition or injury. A problem that might arise is that the amount of money they earn could be considered too much to continue qualifying for SSI benefits. Fortunately, there is the Student Earned Income Exclusion.

What are work incentives under Social Security Disability?

For many New Jersey residents who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, their first goal is to return to work. However, they are confronted with the very real concern that they will try to work and find they are unable to continue. It is a worry as to whether they can get their benefits again and the speed at which this can occur. Fortunately, there are work incentives for those getting SSD benefits. Knowing what the work incentives are as well as their requirements is important before making the attempt to get back to work.

What should I know about a redetermination of my SSI benefits?

Getting approved for Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program might give New Jersey residents some piece of mind, but they must be aware of certain rules and requirements to continue receiving SSI. For example, the Social Security Administration will review various aspects of the recipient's life to make certain that the payment amount is accurate. These aspects include income, resources and living arrangements. For a person who is married or is a disabled child under age 18 who still resides with their parents, the spouse or parents will also have the above factors reviewed.

What if I need a special examination for my SSD benefits?

For those in New Jersey who believe they have a medical issue that warrants Social Security disability benefits of any kind, the Disability Determination Services might request that there be a special examination to make certain of their decision. DDS makes the decision on behalf of the Social Security Administration. When they believe that more information is needed to make a fair decision, they will request that this special exam be taken and the SSA will pay for it. If there are travel expenses, the SSA will pay for that as well. The applicant can have their regular doctor get a copy of the test if it is not that doctor who conducts the exam.

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