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How do financial institution accounts affect my SSI benefits?

New Jersey residents who are eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income must follow certain requirements to retain them. The basics are relatively easy to remember, such as the person must be blind, be age 65 or older, or be disabled, and must have an income below a certain level and have limited resources. However, those who have resources should be aware of how this can affect their SSI-related benefits. That includes money in financial institutions. The Social Security Administration will look at the account and use it to determine if it will influence the person's eligibility to receive SSI.

If I am blind or have vision issues, can I get SSD benefits?

Residents of New Jersey who are blind or have vision issues might be able to get Social Security disability. For those who are blind, there are two separate programs that can help. They are the Social Security Disability Insurance program and Supplemental Security Income. The SSA will use the same medical rules for each to determine if the person is blind.

Legal assistance for New Jersey ERISA claims and appeals

When a New Jersey resident is filing an insurance claim under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, there are important facts to remember. This is true whether the case is being negotiated or there is a trial after the claim is being disputed or was denied. Understanding the claims and appeals processes is not a simple matter, and it would be a mistake to move forward without having assistance from an experienced attorney.

What is deeming with SSI benefits for children?

New Jersey parents who have a child who is disabled will often have questions about Supplemental Security Income. Understanding how parental income and resources are deemed when the decision is made whether the child can get SSI-related benefits is key. A disabled child under age 18 who has working parents might still be able to get SSI benefits. The Social Security Administration will assess the parental income and resources before making its decision. This is a foundational aspect of the SSA's decision.

What medical evidence is necessary for disability benefits?

For people in New Jersey who are seeking Social Security disability benefits, there are various criteria that must be met before they can get an approval. One of the most important factors in the case is meeting the medical requirements. Evidence is integral to this process. The Social Security Administration must receive the evidence in the proper form. Knowing and following these requirements is imperative as many people who might otherwise have been approved for SSD benefits are denied for the simple fact that they did not give the proper evidence.