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What is the Listing of Impairments for SSD benefits?

Sometimes, the basics are the most complex matter for New Jersey residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits. To be approved for SSD benefits, there are certain criteria that must be met. A key part of that is the Listing of Impairments. Knowing about this foundational aspect of getting disability is essential when a person has an illness, condition or disability that leaves them unable to work and in need of SSD benefits.

How is my income factored in with SSI benefits?

For New Jersey residents who are seeking Supplemental Security Income through Social Security disability, the word income has several meanings. The person who is receiving SSI might be getting income from other sources. There are rules as to what counts when calculating the SSI benefits and what is considered income. This is key when seeking and receiving SSI benefits.

Can I get SSD benefits and workers' compensation simultaneously?

For New Jersey residents who are receiving Social Security disability, there are times at which they are also getting other types of benefits. A concern that many have centers around how their SSD benefits might be affected by those other types of benefits. Workers' compensation benefits and other public benefits can impact how much the person receives in SSD benefits. If the benefits are from private sources, it will not affect SSD benefits. Veterans Administration benefits, state and local government benefits if taxes were taken from the person's earnings, or Supplemental Security Income are all shielded from reduction.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and SSI

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a difficult condition to live with. The endless exhaustion can make simple tasks a challenge. While the major duties of a job sound daunting, even the little things take a toll. It’s a constant uphill march – and getting a medical diagnosis can be equally challenging. After the diagnosis, you may qualify for SSI under the right conditions.

What are the income limits to receive SSI benefits?

A person who lives in New Jersey and is blind, disabled or age 65 or older and has low income and limited resources can apply for Supplemental Security Income. There are certain rules that the person must follow. Included in those rules is a limit on their income. Before applying, the person must understand how much they can earn. If they earn too much, they might be ineligible.

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