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What is the Listing of Impairments for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Sometimes, the basics are the most complex matter for New Jersey residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits. To be approved for SSD benefits, there are certain criteria that must be met. A key part of that is the Listing of Impairments. Knowing about this foundational aspect of getting disability is essential when a person has an illness, condition or disability that leaves them unable to work and in need of SSD benefits.

The Listing of Impairments describes the conditions that the Social Security Administration deems to be of sufficient severity that the person will not be able to perform gainful activity. Most are of a permanent nature or are believed to end with the person’s death. Some items on the list have a duration for which they are expected to last. For other issues listed, they must be expected to last continuously for a minimum of 12 months. There is a Part A and a Part B in the Listings.

Part A has the medical requirements for people who are 18 and older and are applying for SSD benefits. If a child under 18 has a disease that is of similar processes as it is for people who are 18 and older, then the medical requirements in Part A can be applied to children. With Part B, there are additional medical requirements for people under 18. This is used if there are criteria from Part A that are not considered issues from childhood. Examples are diseases that are only present in children or have a different effect on children when compared with adults. If the applicant is a child, Part B will be considered first. If the medical requirements are not applicable, the child will be evaluated under Part A.

Receiving disability benefits is unfortunately not as simple as being injured, ill or having a condition and getting a quick approval. It is necessary for applicants to go through the process and meet the requirements or a combination of requirements under the Listings. A legal professional is experienced and will understand the Listings and can help an applicant through the Social Security disability process from start to end.

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