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What medical evidence is necessary for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Social Security Disability

For people in New Jersey who are seeking Social Security disability benefits, there are various criteria that must be met before they can get an approval. One of the most important factors in the case is meeting the medical requirements. Evidence is integral to this process. The Social Security Administration must receive the evidence in the proper form. Knowing and following these requirements is imperative as many people who might otherwise have been approved for SSD benefits are denied for the simple fact that they did not give the proper evidence.

When the applicant has gotten treatment for the medical issue, evidence must be provided to the SSA. Included should be copies of the medical records, reports from doctors and recent test results. This is applicable for any injury, illness or condition that prevents or hinders the ability to work. The SSA will request this information from the treating sources, but, if the applicant already has the information, sending copies to the SSA will expedite the claim. However, if the applicant does not have the information, the application should not be delayed because of it.

The SSA will also want information about the following: the medical issues; when they started; how they limit the person’s activities; what the medical tests indicate; and what treatment was received. Information about work-related activities must also be provided. This can include being able to walk, sit, lift, carry and understand and remember instructions as is necessary with most jobs. The doctors will not be asked if the person should be considered disabled. The photocopies of medical evidence do not need to be certified. All copies will be returned to the claimant unless it is specified not to do so.

Medical evidence is often the foundation of a person being approved or denied for SSD benefits. Knowing all the basics of how to provide the evidence is crucial to a case. A legal professional who is experienced in helping clients with their applications for Social Security disability from start to finish is an important part of the case.

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