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What should I know about a redetermination of my SSI benefits?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Supplemental Security Income

Getting approved for Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program might give New Jersey residents some piece of mind, but they must be aware of certain rules and requirements to continue receiving SSI. For example, the Social Security Administration will review various aspects of the recipient’s life to make certain that the payment amount is accurate. These aspects include income, resources and living arrangements. For a person who is married or is a disabled child under age 18 who still resides with their parents, the spouse or parents will also have the above factors reviewed.

These reviews are conducted once in one to six years. Even if the recipient reports changes to the SSA – as they are obligated to do – the SSA might still conduct a review. Redeterminations are done over the phone, in person or via mail. When it is done over the telephone or in person, the recipient will be informed in a letter as to what date and time it is scheduled. When it is done by mail, there will be a form to fill out, sign and return. Some people have a representative payee and that person can fill the form out and sign it for the recipient.

When the recipient gets the letter or the form request, they have 30 days to respond, fill out and return the form, or tell the SSA that the appointment cannot be kept or there is an issue with completing the form. Those who fail to respond might have their benefits stopped, get more than they were supposed to, or get less than they were supposed to. Losing SSI might also mean losing Medicaid. Various pieces of information, such as bank records, proof of income, other benefits and life insurance might need to be provided as part of the redetermination.

Redetermination is a part of the process with SSI benefits and is not something for a recipient to be automatically concerned about. However, there might be problems with it or confusion when the person is informed there will be a redetermination. For help with any aspect of SSI, an attorney is key. Speaking to a lawyer who is experienced with Supplemental Security Income is imperative.

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