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Medical tests for SSI benefits sometimes require travel

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

Since Supplemental Security Income is for people who meet the income limitations, as well as being blind, disabled or 65 or older, there are times when finances are a problem, even when applying for SSI-related benefits. New Jersey residents who fall into this category might not know what to do if they are asked to travel for medical exams or tests before they can be approved for benefits. For those who face this situation, the Social Security Administration might be able to pay for the travel costs.

The SSA will pay through the same entity that makes the decision on whether benefits should be approved or not — the State Disability Determination Services. Since DDS decides on the claim, it will also arrange for travel to the tests and costs associated with it. The applicant will receive a letter regarding the need to have an exam or take a test. It will inform the person what he or she should do to get the travel costs paid.

Some applicants have a specific issue or require travel money prior to going to take the exam or test. If this is the case, the DDS should be informed with the problem explained as to why the money is needed.

An example might be the person has no access to transportation and will need to pay for that, but cannot. Following the exam or test, a form must be filled out showing the costs. This information might be sufficient for the DDS to pay it.

Receipts might be required. In cases where the person receives money to travel prior to the test and the amount was not enough, the DDS will cover the excess. If it was less, the person will need to repay it. If the applicant needs a person to travel with them, the DDS could pay for that as well.

Just as applying for SSI benefits can be confusing and complicated, there are other factors that the applicant might not know about such as the need to travel for exams or tests and the opportunity to have the DDS pay for it. When applying for Supplemental Security Income, a legal professional experienced in all areas of applying and what is available for an applicant can be of assistance from beginning to end.

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