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Supplemental Security Income reviews

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

Getting Supplemental Security Income can be a moment of relief for New Jersey residents who are blind, disabled and 65 or older. These benefits serve an essential purpose for those who meet the criteria and need them to make ends meet, get the necessary treatment and more. It is critical to remember, however, that the Social Security Administration must ensure that everyone who is getting SSI benefits should be getting them and there are not new circumstances that would change their eligibility. With that will come periodic reviews. Understanding the review process, how often they take place, and what happens when they are done is key.

There is no avoiding a periodic review to determine if the claimant should continue getting SSI benefits. The benefits will continue unless the SSA sees strong evidence that there has been a medical improvement sufficient so the person can get back to work. When the person gets the SSI award, it will say when they should expect the first review. This hinges on the medical condition and its severity. If there is expected improvement and it will occur in a certain amount of time, the first review will be between six and 18 months of getting benefits. If improvement is possible, the review will take place approximately every three years. If there is no expected improvement, then the case will be subject to review every five to seven years.

After being informed of the review, the recipient will be contacted with important information regarding the process and the right to appeal. Information regarding the treatment and work that the person might have done will be provided. There will be a disability examiner and a doctor to review the person’s file. They will ask for medical reports. If there is a need for a special examination, the SSA will pay for it and part of the costs of transportation. Once the decision is made, the person will be informed. If the eligibility has not changed, the benefits will continue. If the benefits are ending, the person has the right to file an appeal.

A review is a necessary part of getting SSI benefits and should not be something to be overly concerned about. However, if the benefits are stopped for any reason, it is vital that the person understand how to appeal the case and try to retain the benefits. From the beginning, it is wise to have legal assistance with a case. A lawyer who specializes in Supplemental Security Income should be called immediately to help with any aspect of SSI.

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