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A lawyer can help with ERISA

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | ERISA

When a New Jersey resident is disabled and is seeking to exercise their right to ERISA or when trying to get long-term disability benefits from a private insurer, one of the key factors is to show the necessary medical evidence and documentation to prove that the benefits are warranted. Many people are denied benefits simply because they did not have the medical evidence and documentation required or they did not present it in a way that the company deems satisfactory. This is where the importance of having strong legal assistance becomes more pronounced.

When seeking any level of disability benefits, the medical records are needed to prove that the medical issue, illness or condition is of sufficient severity to warrant approval. For many, however, they find that the evidence is not sufficient. There can be confusion with how the evidence is presented or with documentation of the person’s medical issues and how it negatively impacts their ability to work.

A qualified lawyer can help in many ways during a case. The compilation of evidence can be an arduous task that takes time and expertise to do correctly. A lawyer can help in this vein. This is particularly vital when the medical issue is one that is difficult to discern by sight alone. Evidence from medical sources can be the key for these problems that might include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even head and back injuries that are not always evident to the naked eye.

The entire insurance plan must be examined from start to end to determine how a disability is defined and what the treating physician says. Reports, records, procedures, medications and more will be of paramount importance. For people who are concerned about ERISA or another form of disability insurance and getting the benefits they need, having legal help is a must. A lawyer experienced in ERISA should be contacted as soon as possible.

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