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Can children getting SSI benefits receive employment support?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

While Supplemental Security Income can help New Jersey residents who meet the requirements to make ends meet and receive medical treatment, there are many people who get SSI-related benefits who either have the ability to work or would like to try to work. For young people, it is important to understand what options are available and how trying to work might impact their SSI benefits. Before moving forward with an attempt at work, knowing how the Social Security Administration handles these circumstances is imperative.

For people younger than 22, most income will not be counted by the SSA. Should the child be attending school regularly, the amount that is excluded from being counted will be higher. For 2018, the disabled student under 22 can exclude $1,820 per month. There is a limit of $7,350 per year. The amount can change annually. For those taking part in the Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS), the child 15 or older can save some of his or her income and resources so education and other necessities to work can be paid for. When SSI is calculated based on income, these savings will not factor in.

Some people who are getting SSI and are seeking to work might need various items to help them in that endeavor. For example, the child might need a personal assistant or require a wheelchair. When paying for these items, some or all might be excluded when SSI is calculated. For those older than 15, there could be help with training and rehabilitation. When the earnings reach a level where the SSI will stop, the child might be able to keep Medicaid provided the earnings remain under a specific amount.

There are multiple concerns for young people who are getting SSI and would like to work. They might have a fear of trying to work and being unable to do so and then losing their benefits. Frequently, they will not realize there are numerous programs that let them try to work and keep their benefits and Medicaid. Should there be questions about children under 22 working and getting SSI or an issue with the SSA about losing SSI benefits when trying to work, a law firm that s experienced in all areas of Supplemental Security Income can help.

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