Will the windfall offset affect my SSI-related benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

New Jersey residents who are getting Supplemental Security Income should be cognizant of certain rules that are not well-known, but could affect their benefits. For example, if the person the person is found to be eligible to receive both Social Security and SSI in the same month, the Social Security Administration is prevented by law from paying the full amount of the benefits in that month. This is known as the “windfall offset.” Understanding how this will impact the benefits is important.

When a person is subject to the windfall offset, the retroactive benefits they receive for Social Security and SSI will be reduced for the month in which they are eligible for both. There are certain circumstances when the windfall offset will be applied. They are: if the person is eligible for both Social Security and SSI in the same month; if the person is eligible to get Social Security retroactively; and if the SSI would have been reduced had the person gotten the Social Security at the time it was due.

The period for which there will be a windfall offset starts in the month the person is eligible for retroactive Social Security and SSI. It ends when the person begins to receive payment for monthly Social Security. For people who are only getting SSI, there is no windfall offset. It is only when the person is getting both. Benefits that fall under windfall offset are Social Security and SSI.

For those who are getting Social Security and SSI in the same month, they might be faced with a windfall offset. This is a common occurrence. However, there are times when there might be a mistake and the windfall offset is assessed when it should not have been. A person might not understand how the process works with the windfall offset. Or there could be another issue that is concerning them. With this and any other issue with Supplemental Security Income, having assistance from a law firm that specializes in Social Security disability and SSI is crucial.

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