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Key points about resources and self-support with SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is needed by many New Jersey residents who are blind, disabled and over 65 and do not earn enough to support themselves. The program is beneficial for people who meet the requirements to be approved. For many, however, there are concerns about resources and how that will affect their SSI benefits. Provided their resources are do not surpass a certain amount, they are eligible for SSI-related benefits. However, some SSI recipients also want to try and support themselves. This is also important when benefits are calculated as certain equipment and goods might be needed to do so.

For those who are applying for SSI benefits or are already getting them, property needed for self-support could be a confusing issue. Some of these properties will not count as a resource. Knowing which do and which do not is critical. Examples of property that a person can own that will not count as a resource include items that are necessary for a person to ply a trade or run a business; personal property that is needed such as a uniform and tools; and government permits that let the person perform certain activities so they can earn income.

There are other types of property that might or might not count, or can be excluded. Examples could be property that is integral to produce goods or perform services that the person will need each day including equipment and land that is used to farm. It could also be property that is not related to the business, but does produce income such as equipment or land rented to another person. Other items could be excluded from being counted for SSI purposes.

SSI-related benefits can be crucial to a person and his or her family to make ends meet. Adhering to the various requirements when seeking and receiving SSI benefits is key. Often, people do not realize what is counted as a resource and what is not. They do not know they can have certain goods that will allow them to self-support and it will not impact their SSI. For questions about resources or any other matters related to Supplemental Security Income, legal assistance is available and can help with a case.

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