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How working and entering a medical facility impacts SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

New Jersey residents who are getting Supplemental Security Income and are working will often need to enter a medical facility due to their disabling issues. Many are concerned as to how this will impact their SSI benefits. Those who get SSI and work should be cognizant of how the process is handled, if they can receive benefits while they are in the facility, how much they can earn, and other factors. Understanding the rules for this situation is key.

A person who is working under Section 1619 can receive SSI cash payments if they are earning equal to or more than what would be considered substantial gainful activity (SGA). If that person needs to enter a Medicaid facility or a public psychiatric or medical facility, there are special benefits that person can receive. In general, when the person not eligible under 1619 enters a Medicaid facility and Medicaid is covering more than half of the costs, the SSI will be maximized at $30 each month. A state supplement will be added. Countable income will be subtracted.

However, a person entering a Medicaid facility during the time at which he or she is eligible based on 1619 means the Social Security Administration will calculate the benefit based on the Full Benefit Rate for as much as two months. People who are not eligible under 1619 and enter a facility will generally not get SSI during that time. If they enter while eligible under 1619, there is a provision that if the facility enters into an agreement with the SSA, the person can retain the entire SSI payment.

For people who are getting SSI benefits and working simultaneously, they need not be worried if they are earning more than SGA and are placed in a facility to deal with their condition, illness or injury as it will not significantly hinder their SSI benefits. However, if there is a problem or a dispute over their Supplemental Security Income in such a circumstance, it is imperative to have legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in SSI to ensure they keep all the benefits they are entitled to.

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