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Can you get SSD benefits for an eating disorder?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Social Security Disability

There are many debilitating illnesses for which a New Jersey resident can qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Some are diseases like cancer or liver disease. Others are physical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis. Still others are mental disorders. For those who have an eating disorder, it is categorized as a mental disorder and, if the issues are of sufficient severity to warrant benefits, can result in an approved claim for disability. Understanding how the Social Security Administration categorizes eating disorders and what the criteria is for disability is key.

With eating disorders, a person might be preoccupied with such factors as their shape and how much they weigh, and evaluate it excessively. When a person is suffering from an eating disorder, there are certain telltale symptoms. They include: limiting the number of calories they ingest when it is compared with the basic requirements; having episodes in which they binge eat or take other steps to stop themselves from gaining weight like forcing themselves to throw up, exercising beyond what is safe and acceptable or taking medications like laxatives; they could have disturbances in their mood, socially withdraw or be irritable; they might have dental issues; females will not menstruate as normal; lab findings could be abnormal; or they could have cardiac concerns.

People who have bulimia, anorexia, binge eat or avoid and restrict the amount of food they eat could have an eating disorder. When seeking SSD benefits, there must be medical documentation of the eating or food-related behavior that leads to changing how they consume or absorb food and it has a negative impact on their health either mentally or psychologically. There must also be two of the following issues with mental functioning: inability to understand, remember or apply information; effectively interact with people; have problems with concentration, persistence or pace; and fail to adapt and manage themselves.

An eating disorder can eventually result in severe health problems and even death. Those who are suffering from any of these problems must understand what they are facing. Social Security Disability benefits can help them to get the treatment they need without worrying about how they are making ends meet financially.

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