What exactly is ERISA?

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is complicated law passed in 1974. It’s essential function, as outlined by smartasset.com, is to protect those participating in retirement and health insurance plans offered by their employer.

If you work at a private company that offers heath or retirement plans, ERISA protects you by setting minimum standards for their voluntary pension and health plans. It protects private workers from mismanagement or abuse of their accounts.

ERISA has been amended numerous times due the changes and needs of America’s workforce and their families.

What specific protections does ERISA offer?

ERISA mandates that companies provide potential and current employees who partake in the plan with funding information and what features are offered. The law sets a requirement for how long a company can allow its employees to work before joining the plan. ERISA also lays out whether your spouse has rights to your pension if you were to a pass away.

In conclusion, the ERISA law is one that oversees how private companies behave while administering health and retirement plans offers to employees. The department that enforces ERISA, is the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA.) If you chose to file a complaint against your employer for violating the terms of ERISA and infringing on your rights, you could do so by contacting a Department of Labor office or contact an attorney who specializes in ERISA cases.

Your health and retirement accounts are serious business. Stay on top of them, and the company that oversees them.

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