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Why is it hard to get Social Security Disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2019 | Social Security Disability

If you have suffered from a disability, you may be interested in filing for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits help people like yourself who may struggle to work as a result of a disability.

In the majority of cases, those seeking SSD will have a history of working, which helps them qualify for benefits. If you have not worked or do not have a history of working, then it’s a good idea to speak with your attorney about the potential for receiving Social Security Disability benefits. If you cannot qualify, then you may have other benefits that you can seek such as Supplemental Security Income, state or local-level benefits.

Why is it so difficult to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

It isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is a time-intensive and complex process. From a financial standpoint, the Social Security Administration has to protect the Social Security Disability funds against those who might make fraudulent claims. So, there is a significant application process. Even those who should qualify sometimes fail the initial application and have to ask for their case to be reviewed.

To have the best chance of having your application approved, you’ll need to meet the Social Security Administration’s requirements and need to consider working with your attorney to fill out the appropriate documents.

What are some requirements to obtain Social Security Disability benefits?

Some requirements that you need to meet to qualify for SSD include:

  • Having worked for a job covered by Social Security for long enough based on your age and work credits
  • Having a disability that is expected to end in death or last a year or longer
  • Medical proof that you cannot work or cannot perform substantial work

These are just three general qualifications. On top of this, you will need to meet the SSA’s specific requirements, such as having a disability that is listed in its publication of disabilities or one that is similar to those. You may need to submit several medical documents and will need to show that you are not earning enough to disqualify yourself for disability benefits. If you can work, even if it’s in a different field or job than you were in, then you may not be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Your attorney will look into your case and help you put together the best application possible, so you have a higher chance of approval upon your first application.

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