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How digestive issues can lead to SSD disability benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Social Security Disability

As a New Jersey resident, if you have ulcerative colitis, it may be possible to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. In some cases, you could qualify under the listing for adult digestive system disorders. It is also possible that you will qualify based on the fact that your condition makes it impossible to work based on your age, skills or level of education.

How to obtain benefits through a listing

To obtain SSD benefits through a listing, you must have at least two qualifying symptoms that occur simultaneously over a period of 60 days. Furthermore, they must occur despite the fact that you are receiving treatment from a doctor. In some cases, the conditions must occur during consecutive examinations that take place within 60 days of each other. This is true if you’re applying for benefits based on a listing because of weight loss of more than 10% from your baseline. This is also true if you have a tender mass that cannot be controlled by narcotic medications and that results in cramping or other pain.

Obtaining benefits through a medical vocational allowance

There are many ways in which an examiner or an administrative law judge could determine that an impairment exists that makes it impossible to work. For example, it could be determined that you can’t sit or stand long enough to maintain gainful employment. If you can prove that your ulcerative colitis makes it difficult to bend, reach or otherwise exert yourself, that may be enough to obtain benefits.

Records that should be sent to an examiner

Ideally, you will provide a detailed work history that notes all the work you have done for the past 15 years. You should also send copies of any recent medical records that could make it easier for an examiner to approve your application.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you may want to do so with the help of an attorney. Doing so may make it easier to determine what types of records to obtain and send to the government for evaluation.

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