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What to know about long-term disability policies

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Individuals in New Jersey and throughout the country who go on long-term disability remain out of work for 34.6 months on average. Long-term care policies typically go into effect anywhere from 10 to 53 weeks after an individual is forced to leave work because of an injury or illness. Those who have access to long-term disability insurance policies may receive up to 70% of their income until they reach their retirement age.

However, the amount of coverage a person is entitled to depends on what their employer’s insurance provider is willing to offer. In some cases, an individual may only be entitled to receive payment for three years or for a decade. Those who receive long-term disability benefits may be required to share the cost of any plan an employer purchases on their behalf. Furthermore, this type of benefit may only be available to full-time workers who have been with their current employers for a certain number of months or years.

Those who are seeking long-term disability benefits should be aware that they can also obtain them on their own. It is possible to learn more about private disability policies by contacting an insurance company directly. Companies may be willing to provide information to their workers about how to compare available options and buy coverage without employer assistance.

A person who is out of work because of an injury or illness may be able to file a claim with his or her private long-term disability insurance provider. If a claim is denied, an attorney may be able to help a policyholder determine why the denial occurred. Legal counsel may also be helpful in compelling an insurance provider to process a claim in a timely manner or to explain why a claim is still under review.

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