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Common reasons why disability claims are denied

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Across New Jersey and in other parts of the U.S., millions of people who apply for Social Security benefits and are denied each year. The reasons for a denial of a Social Security disability claim are numerous, but there are several common reasons why a claim might be denied.

Many Social Security disability claims are rejected due to a lack of hard medical evidence. Individuals who are attempting to qualify for benefits must prove why they’re unable to work due to medical conditions. In many cases, disabled individuals must supply medical records that demonstrate how disabilities have interfered with their ability to perform job responsibilities.

Individuals who fail to follow specific treatment instructions provided by their doctors may also be denied Social Security benefits. In these cases, examiners will be unable to determine whether medical conditions are preventing applicants from being able to work or if the failure to adhere to medical instructions is the cause of the inability to perform work activities.

An individual’s income may be another factor that determines whether he or she will qualify for a Social Security disability claim. Some people who file for a claim may only be able to work part-time to qualify for benefits. A claim could be denied if an applicant makes more than a specified amount per month.

Roughly only 30 percent of Social Security disability claims are approved. Since the process of filing a claim for benefits can be overwhelming, an individual who is looking to secure Social Security disability benefits should consider consulting with an experienced SSDI attorney. An SSDI attorney may be able to help guide an applicant through the process to improve their chances of success.

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