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ERISA can ensure full payment of long-term disability claims

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | ERISA

Your labors, over time, might result in you developing a partial or full long-term disability that affects your ability to work and earn a living. Long-term disability is a commonly provided benefit via many group and private health insurance plans in and highly valued by workers who suffer workplace injuries that lead to long-term disability claims in New Jersey. The federal government protects private workers’ healthcare and long-term disability benefits earned through their tireless labors. The Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a powerful tool for disabled workers who need to receive their full and just benefits.

ERISA long-term disability benefits are separate from those you might obtain via state-run worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance. ERISA is part of the healthcare coverage that you might have via your work-provided healthcare benefits or a private insurance plan that you might have gotten via the state-run NJ FamilyCare health insurance marketplace. ERISA is your ally against unlawful claims denial and can be a great tool for affirming your long-term disability benefits. If you file a valid claim that your healthcare plan’s administrator denies in part or fully, ERISA gives you the power to fight that decision through the appeals process.

When you file a long-term disability claim, the healthcare plan’s administrator has 90 days to either approve the claim in full, deny it in part, or deny the entire claim. You then can appeal an ERISA long-term disability claim decision, and the plan administrator has up to 120 days to respond. If the response still does not provide your fully earned long-term disability benefits, you can file a lawsuit under the ERISA provisions and obtain a federal court ruling.

If you suffered a long-term disability while working in the Hackensack, N.J., area, an experienced ERISA attorney is a very important resource when you want to ensure the best possible outcome.

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