Reinstating SSDI benetits through EXR program

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration has a system in place that allows for the reinstatement of disability benefits for residents of New Jersey and across the nation. Specifically, the agency has developed expedited reinstatement or EXR. EXR is designed for a person who was on disability, returned to work and ends up with the need for disability benefits again.

New application not necessary

A person who qualifies for EXR need not file a new application for Social Security Disability benefits. Rather, an individual in this position need only make a simplified submission for reinstatement of benefits. When that is done, the SSA can give a person seeking reinstatement up to six months of temporary benefits. These temporary benefits are paid while the agency ascertains whether a reinstatement is appropriate.

Extent of temporary benefits

Temporary or provisional benefits include cash payments as well as Medicaid or Medicare coverage. Temporary or provision benefits normally do not need to be paid back by a recipient even if a final restatement of disability benefits are denied. An attorney who has experience with these types of matters can provide further information on the subject.

Eligibility for EXR

People are eligible for EXR if they:

  • Stopped receiving disability benefits due to earnings from work
  • Became unable to work or to perform duties and tasks associated with gainful employment
  • Suffered the same impairment or one that is related to the impairment that resulted in the initial payment of benefits
  • Made an application for reinstatement of benefits within five years from the month the prior benefit payment ended
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