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Work incentives exist for SSDI recipients

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Persons who discover they cannot work due to a disability may seek Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. New Jersey residents who qualify could cover certain living expenses with the payments, provided their application receives approval. Some residents may appreciate the support SSDI delivers, but they may also wish to return to the workforce when feasible. SSDI work incentive programs may help with that cause.

Work incentive policies for someone on SSDI

While someone may see the value in going back to work, he or she may also be concerned about potentially losing his or her disability payments. The work incentive policies tend to support an SSDI recipient’s easing back into the workforce without putting the person at an elevated risk of losing his or her benefits.

Essentially, someone on SSDI may earn upwards of $1,350 per month without losing benefits. Please note that the figure is higher for the statutorily blind. The work incentive program isn’t exclusive to SSDI recipients as those on Social Security Insurance (SSI) could explore work incentive programs too.

Persons interested in working could look into the “Ticket to Work” program, which involves several organizations helping SSDI recipients explore work opportunities. For some, these programs represent a path back to a career or profession paused by a disabling condition.

Challenges to receiving SSDI/SSI while working

Not everyone finds the path to collecting Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to be an easy one. Initial applications may face near-immediate denials, and the appeals process may become necessary for approval. Some applicants could find themselves suing the Social Security Administration to address a denied application.

Others may discover that working while collecting SSDI comes with unexpected troubles. Persons who exceed the income cap for one month may need to address a potential loss of benefits. Options could exist for anyone dealing with SSDI/work program struggles.

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