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Dealing with the SSDI claims backlog in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Social Security Disability

The backlog of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims is a persistent problem that has plagued the Social Security Administration (SSA) for many years. Despite several efforts to reduce the backlog, the issue persists, and more than one million people are waiting for their SSDI claims to be processed. New Jersey residents should be aware of the delays SSDI claims present so they can plan accordingly.

Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security Disability Insurance program provides financial assistance to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability. To qualify for SSDI benefits, individuals must have a severe medical condition that is expected to last for at least one year or result in death. They must also have worked long enough and recently to be eligible for benefits.

The claims process

The SSA has a complex process for reviewing SSDI claims to determine eligibility. The process involves multiple levels of review, including an initial review, a reconsideration, a hearing and an appeals council review. The entire process can take several months, if not years, to complete.

Causes of backlog issues

One of the leading causes of the SSDI claims backlog is the increasing number of people applying for benefits. In recent years, the number of SSDI applications has increased due to the aging of the baby boomer generation and the economic downturn.

Another cause of the backlog is the SSA’s shortage of resources and staff. The administration has recently faced budget cuts, leading to a reduction in resources. The lack of staff has slowed the processing of SSDI claims, with a backlog being an expected outcome.

Who the backlog affects

The backlog of SSDI claims has severe consequences for individuals who are waiting for their benefits. Many individuals unable to work due to a disability rely on SSDI benefits to support themselves and their families. The delay in processing claims can cause financial hardship, leading to eviction, foreclosure and other serious consequences.

Addressing the SSDI claims backlog

The SSA has taken several measures to address the backlog of SSDI claims. The agency has hired additional staff, increased overtime and implemented technology to streamline the claims process. Furthermore, the SSA has implemented a pilot program to expedite processing of specific claims.

The SSDI claims backlog is a hassle for many citizens

The backlog of SSDI claims is a significant problem that has impacted many individuals and their families. While the SSA has taken steps to address the issue, more must be done to ensure that individuals receive timely SSDI benefits. The government must continue to invest in resources and staff to reduce the backlog and provide critical support to those in need.

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