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Former football players form a class-action lawsuit against the NFL

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | ERISA

New Jersey is a state full of avid football fans. Whether you root for the local USFL team, the New Jersey Generals, or a nearby NFL team, it’s hard to deny that football is a hard-hitting sport. However, ten former NFL players, including Willis McGahee, Jason Alford, Joey Thomas and Alex Parsons, are filing a class action lawsuit against the NFL for the fallout of so much personal damage.

Why are former NFL players filing a class-action lawsuit?

The main reason for this lawsuit stems from difficulties NFL veterans noticed while trying to claim benefits. One example of this alleged mistreatment cites various neuropsychologists denying benefits for former NFL players reporting pain from their time on the field.

According to the former footballers, they allege the NFL fragrantly violated their ERISA disability plans. One report suggests the NFL denying as many as 50% of claims from its former players. Another problem reported in this class-action lawsuit also alleges that the NFL created “illogical” and “inconsistent” terms for retired players’ benefit plans.

The players involved in this class-action lawsuit suggest that such frequent claim denials were financially motivated. They’re also alleging that the NFL is guilty of systematic bias. The allegations suggest the NFL unfairly treats its former players, many of whom are from oppressed groups.

The NFL fires back at allegations from former players

Understandably, the NFL’s series of official responses deny its former athletes’ many claims of improper treatment. One NFL spokesperson said that the NFL offers “off-the-charts” benefits. Brian McCarthy, another NFL spokesperson, said that the NFL’s disability plan treats former players fairly because its board contains “retired players.”

As of this time, the claims and statements made by former NFL players are still up for debate in a courtroom setting. If a court finds the NFL guilty, the players in this class-action lawsuit seek monetary compensation and the removal of current members from the NFL Disability Board.

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