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When denied Social Security, what are my reconsideration options?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Social Security Disability

For New Jersey residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits and are denied, there are four levels of appeal that they can use to try and get an approval. While many might believe that the initial denial means they will not have a good chance of having the decision changed and get SSD benefits, it can be quite effective to be approved when appealing.

There are four levels of appeal, but after the denial, the first level is reconsideration. Before moving forward, it is important to know about the process. It is also wise to have legal assistance. An applicant can request reconsideration because of a denial due to medical reasons or because of a denial due to a non-medical determination.

The medical determination will be based on medical assessments for which the Social Security Administration did not deem to be sufficient to warrant an approval for benefits. Like the initial application, the applicant should have all the necessary medical information with testing, information from doctors and hospitals, medication that is being taken, if there were changes to the condition and more. The SSA will assess the information as provided and look at new evidence if it is available.

When seeking a reconsideration for a non-medical determination and the denial was not because of the disability but for other reasons, this too is possible. Examples as to why a person might have been denied for non-medical reasons include their income, resources, or their living arrangements. No matter why the case was denied, there are always steps to try and have the decisions changed on appeal. Having help from a law firm that handles Social Security disability is integral to the process.

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