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The importance of reporting earned income with SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

When Supplemental Security Income is approved for a New Jersey resident, it does not mean that they are going to continue receiving the benefits indefinitely. There are various requirements that must be met to continue getting SSI benefits and, if they are not, the benefits will stop. Simply meeting the criteria to be approved by being 65 or older, blind or disabled, and falling within the limits for income and resources is only sufficient when applying. Knowing the various rules are key to maintaining the benefits. One issue that should be considered is for those who can work to report their earned income.

People who are getting SSI can work and still receive their benefits. However, they must tell the Social Security Administration about the income they earn whether it is through wages or self-employment. This must start the date at which the filing for SSI is done. The SSA must verify the reported income. The person should keep all pay slips. That includes any slips for a bonus, overtime or when they went on vacation. When there are changes in the work the person did in a month, this must be reported.

The SSI recipient is also required to tell the SSA the following: when the work starts or ends, if the amount of pay changes and if there are expenses the person is paying for so they can work with their disability. There are several ways to report the wages to the SSA. It can be done by telephone by the sixth day of each month. It can be mailed, faxed or brought to the Social Security field office by hand.

Those who are self-employed must inform the SSA of their self-employment in the same ways as listed above. It is also required that the person report changes that could impact the amount they make from their self-employment. Business records must be maintained. The federal income tax return should be given to the SSA when it is available.

Whether it is through not knowing the rules or making the mistake by failing to inform the SSA of income, it can be a problematic mistake. Since SSI is a need-based program, those who do not adhere to the rules can lose their benefits. It can be difficult to get them restarted if the benefits stop because of a failure to follow the rules. To understand the requirements and deal with any problem that comes up, a law firm that helps clients with Supplemental Security Income should be called for advice.

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