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Rule changes possible for those seeking SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

When disabled individuals over the age of 65 meet the financial requirements to get Supplemental Security Income in New Jersey, the benefits can help in myriad ways. SSI benefits are for those who are limited in their resources and income. It can be problematic for those who have more resources than the current rules state they can have if they want to get these benefits. This is true even if they meet the other criteria. Keeping track of potential changes to the law is important. When dealing with these concerns, an experienced Social Security disability attorney might be able to help.

Those who are seeking or already receiving SSI benefits should be aware that a recent proposal would let them retain more assets than they are currently allowed. In addition, there would be no penalties for getting married. Now, a person getting SSI is limited to $2,000. That could be raised if the U.S. House of Representatives moves forward with its proposed changes. The bill that would let an individual retain $10,000. A couple could keep $20,000.

Another factor is the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act. There would be a raise in the disregarded income that a beneficiary can bring in monthly. People who were penalized for getting married or for receiving family help with food, finances and living expenses would no longer face these consequences. The rules for SSI have been relatively stable for 47 years. One of the U.S. representatives who pushed the bill stated she has heard from families and advocates for people with autism that the changes can be helpful to SSI recipients.

Proposed changes to the law for SSI benefits is one factor that should be considered when a person is seeking SSI, is already getting SSI or was previously denied in an application for SSI. A law firm that has experience in SSI claims and has helped many people will be cognizant of these potential changes and know how to apply them if they go into effect. An attorney will also know the current laws and help clients when seeking Supplemental Security Income. Calling for advice and representation is the first step in a claim.

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