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ERISA and disability benefits: What you need to know

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | ERISA

Disability benefits can be one of the most important benefit categories that a New Jersey employee receives. They pay workers who are unable to earn income otherwise and can allow them to stay on top of bills and remain in their homes. These benefits are governed by a wide variety of laws and regulations. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act is one of these laws. Employees must make sure they are familiar with the specifics of this act before they file a disability claim.

Importance of disability benefits

Disability benefits through an employer are enormously beneficial for a large number of employees. Individual benefits are expensive and government benefits through Social Security are often not sufficient. Disability benefits through an employer can help people pay considerable medical bills that may result from an accident or illness. They allow those affected to meet their financial needs in both long-term and short-term situations. But disability benefits are not perfect and not always accessible. Federal regulation has helped codify the application and appeals process.

What is ERISA?

The ERISA is a foundational law for the field of disability benefits. Passed in 1974, it controls the disability benefits process for benefits offered by employers. ERISA dictates that employers explain what is covered by their programs, the process for filing a claim, and the appeals process. People whose claims are denied are allowed a set amount of time for appeals at each stage. At the end of the process, they are able to file a lawsuit if they have grounds to dispute the decision. Following ERISA will greatly improve the chances of such a lawsuit.

What to know

Anyone who has a disability claim needs to make sure that they follow the rules associated with ERISA. They need to file their claim as soon as possible and review any decisions that are issued surrounding that claim. If any appeals are necessary, those appeals should be filed with the relevant authorities. Familiarity with laws such as ERISA can help ensure that an employee receives the most help possible with their disability claim.

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