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Why the type of disability plan matters when you have ADHD

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | ERISA

Individuals suffering from ADHD in New Jersey and across the nation are impacted in practically every area of life. Therefore, it is essential for them to make sure they have the necessary resources to manage their condition and lead quality and fulfilling lives. Part of putting necessary measures in place includes making sure employer disability plans are covered by ERISA.

What is ERISA?

ERISA Disability plans offer protections that are not provided by non- ERISA plans. ERISA, also referred to as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, dictates how disability claims should be processed, the timeline for processing a claim and recourse individuals can take if they have been denied. Protections are also extended for those who are covered by private pension, health and disability plans. Not all employers offer disability plans that are governed under ERISA, hence the importance of asking about how a company disability plan is governed.

Why is this important to someone living with ADHD?

If ADHD symptoms start to impact someone’s life to the point they can no longer work, it is essential they have a disability plan that will provide for all their needs, as the meager provisions from Social Security are not enough to live on in most cases. ADHD medications along with other resources can be costly, so it is best for someone to plan ahead while they are still able to work. Furthermore, having additional protections in place can aid someone with ADHD in fighting for their needs if they should be unfairly denied. Finally, disability benefits will be provided in a timely manner since there are timelines in place for processing claims.

If an individual with ADHD is job hunting, it is advantageous to ask about benefits before accepting a job offer. Companies that may offer disability plans that are not governed by ERISA include churches and government agencies.

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